Top 5 Most Durable Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

two dogs playing with ring chew toy

It is most definitely a hassle to find durable dog toys that can withstand aggressive chewing yet have the ability to last a while. The toy must be somewhat indestructible to withstand the gnawing of aggressive chewers.

To choose a toy for an aggressive chewer, there are three essential aspects to consider;

Shape and Design:

The toy should encourage safe chewing. Designs such as rings, bones, or balls usually provide good leverage for chewing and are easier for dogs to hold between their paws. Simple and solid designs tend to be more durable. Look for toys explicitly marketed for heavy chewers.


The toy should be such that it is suited for the structure of your dog’s mouth as well as their size. If a toy is too small, it may be swallowed. On the other hand, if it’s too large or too hard, it may cause potential damage, and it will be hard for your dog to engage with them.


Robust materials such as natural rubber, rigid nylon, or solid and durable plastics tend to last longer with aggressive chewers. Look for toys made with materials free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, BPA, and other potential toxins.    

Toys that bounce unpredictably or float can add extra fun and variety to your dog’s playtime, enhancing their overall engagement.

In addition, there are three key elements I always look out for, which might help you, too.

The toy needs to suit their play style.

If your dog, like mine, loves a good game of fetch or tug-of-war, then finding a chew toy that doubles up for these games can really keep them entertained for hours. My dog, for example, has a rope ball that we use both for throwing and for some fierce tug-of-war sessions! If your pup is a foodie, consider getting a puzzle toy such as those offered by the company Kong. These can really make them think and work hard to get to their treats, which is great for keeping them busy.

Size is super important.

The toy should match the size of your dog. My dog is one big lad himself, and he can demolish small toys in minutes, so I always make sure to get him something sturdy and size-appropriate. Conversely, a toy that’s too big can be off-putting or simply too awkward for smaller dogs to enjoy.

Dental Health

Another factor to consider. Some toys are designed to help reduce tartar build-up as your dog chews. It’s a nice bonus, but remember, it doesn’t replace the need for regular teeth brushing with pet-safe toothpaste.

It’s also worth noting that when you first introduce a new chew toy, don’t worry if you notice a bit of gum bleeding. This happened when I first gave my dog a new type of dental chew toy. It settled down after a bit, but it did remind me to book him in for a check-up, which was really beneficial. For puppies who are teething, some toys can also provide relief from gum pain, much like a teething ring does for human babies. My dog had one when he was a pup, and it seemed to really help soothe his discomfort.

chew king durable fetch balls chew toy

Our rating overall 5/5

What I like

  • Has space to hold treats
  • It retains its shape and bounces
  • Made from safe materials
  • Easy to wash Available in different sizes

What I don’t like

  • On the heavier side.
  • Can break household items if played with inside

These balls are made from thick, durable rubber material with space to hold treats. I personally use the space to put some kibble or even a bone inside it, and it keeps my dog engaged for hours. The size is suited for big dog breeds that tend to chew aggressively and are considerably heavy; therefore, they retain their shape and bounce, making them fun to play with. The best part is that it looks good and new even after a few weeks of playing, which ensures that it is high-quality and long-lasting. Made with natural rubber, it is free of any smell and dangerous chemicals. If it gets dirty or slimy, it is easily washable; it is dishwasher safe.

It comes in multiple size options (4 inches, 3 inches and 2.5 inches); hence, one can choose as per their dog’s size. It looks good as new, even after a few weeks of using it. Even available for dogs under 35 pounds.

However, it is not suitable for indoor play, as it is heavy and may break household items, including fancy decor.

a person holding a kong tire toy

Our rating overall 4.7/5

What I like

  • Available in two sizes (puppies and adult dogs)
  • It can be stuffed with different types of treats
  • Made from safe, durable rubber
  • Easy to clean

What I don’t like

  • It isn’t suitable for playing tug as it is too short
  • It might be less engaging without treats inside it

The brand itself is manufactured in the US and is available in two sizes :

1. Small (14.61cm x 8.89cm x 3.18cm) for small dogs and teething puppies

2. Medium/Large (17.15cm x 11.43cm x 3.81cm) for medium-large dogs.

The space within the tire can hold treats, making it fun yet engaging for our furry friends. Freezing the Kong tyre can be a great source of comfort for aggressive teething puppies. The tire shape is bouncy and stuff-able with treats, which, of course, adds an extra appeal to all dogs. The circular, hollow shape makes it a challenge for the dog to dig out the treat stored inside, which helps in mental stimulation.

Made from durable natural rubber, such that it is related to latex. Which is easy to clean. You can simply wash it with soap and water

My dog’s first Kong tire lasted for about two years before I had to replace it, hence the perfect fit for dogs who shred every toy they get their paws on.

However, a couple of drawbacks I have noticed is that it is less likely to engage my dog in play without treats inside it, hence you may need to find ways to get them interested. Another element is that It may be small for larger dogs if you want to play tug using it, even though it is designed to play tug.

pitbull holding playology dual layer bone in mouth

Our rating overall 5/5

What I like

  • Coloured and scented as per the flavour
  • Different flavour options without any added calories
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • It comes in multiple sizes

What I don’t like

  • Designed to be placed horizontally; therefore, it doesn’t appeal to all dogs.
  • On the heavier side

This particular toy comes in three different sizes (small, medium and large), and it has different colour options to cater to different types of dogs. The toy is made from durable, non-toxic, double-layered rubber that is both safe and long-lasting. The inner core is hard, while the outer layer is soft and chewy, making it a perfect choice for aggressive chewers. It is supposed to replicate the sensation of chewing on a meaty bone. 

The product is flavoured and available in 5 different options (Beef, peanut butter, chicken, cheddar cheese and sweet potato). An additional option called “durable” is available as well. The bones are scented and coloured as per their given flavour, making them irresistible and stimulating. It is chemical-free and doesn’t add additional calories to your dog’s daily intake, which makes it a viable option.

My dog is obsessed with the beef flavour and simply can not get enough of these bones.

Options available

Colours: Yellow (chicken), blue (peanut butter), red (beef), green (sweet potato) | Play Styles: Chew, fetch, tug-of-war | Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.5 x 1.25 inches (small), 4.6 x 2 x 1.25 inches (medium), 5.6 x 2.5 x 2 inches (large)

They are easy to clean and can be simply washed with warm water and then patted dry. Washing them doesn’t wash away the scent or flavour, which is an added bonus. They are dishwasher safe as well.

These bones are, however, designed to be positioned horizontally, which doesn’t appeal to all dogs.

Another drawback is that the bone is on the heavier side, which could be dangerous if your dog flings it around. After all, we don’t want them to break that expensive vase that our mother got us last Christmas.

dog playing with orange football grubber toy

Our rating overall 4/5

What I like

  • Two fun shapes and bright colour options
  • Has bounce to it
  • The material gives your dog’s gums a little massage

What I don’t like

  • It might be a little too tough
  • suitable for supervised play only

One of the most indestructible dog toy options out in the market for big toys. Available in two whimsical shapes: a football and a rugby ball. Both are available in bright colours. The toy has a bounce to it, the same as a real ball, hence indulging your dog in an excellent workout as it is easy to pick up and throw about. It is designed for interactive play so that you and your furry friends can spend some quality time together while indulging in a fun play.

Easy to pick up. Hence, your dog can easily carry it in their mouth or pick it up from afar.

Cleans your dog’s teeth and massages gums, giving your dog a healthy smile—a great toy to play with anywhere. The sturdy, non-toxic material makes it safe to chew on even for long hours.

My neighbour has a bloodhound, and he used to play with this toy for an hour, at least on a daily basis.

However, some dog parents think that it may be a little too tough for certain dog breeds. Therefore, choose wisely and ensure you supervise the playtime when playing with toys.

goughnuts in different sizes

Our rating overall 4/5

What I like

  • Multiple size options
  • Colour indicator to guarantee safety
  • The wide circular shape makes it last longer and harder to shred
  • It lasts a very long time, has high durability

What I don’t like

  • It has a strong, pungent rubber smell
  • On the pricier side

The original Goughnut is a brilliantly designed dog toy for serious power chewers. This shape is very difficult for a dog to really get their teeth into with any kind of leverage. Since it has no convenient ends to gnaw, the battle damage tends to get spread out around the surface of the toy.

It is one of the most indestructible toys ever made by the US for aggressive chewers of large breeds.

It is available in four sizes, and each size comes with a weight guide designed to keep your dog’s weight in mind. It comes in multiple colour options as well to ensure mental stimulation.

(Small 4.5- 18kg | Original (Med) 13- 32kg | Large ( Max) 27- 54kg Ex Large ( Buster) 45kg +)

Comes with a colour indicator that guarantees safety by indicating when it’s no longer safe for your dog to chew on the toy. It is made with smooth, natural rubber and has no small ingestable attachments. If it gets to the red core of the toy, at that point, the toy is not safe any more, and it should be changed. The wider the toy, the harder it is for your dog to complete their bite and tear-off pieces. That’s why doughnut toys are available in multiple sizes. Hence, they can cater to your aggressive teething puppies as well.

However, it has a strong, pungent rubber smell to it. It is also one of those toys on the heavier side, which is why it’s unsuitable for smaller dog breeds. My parent’s pit bull is extremely fond of the toy and has had one for the longest time I can remember. Therefore, it is one of the most long-lasting dog toys I’ve ever come across.

Goughnuts aren’t the cheapest dog toy, but they will probably outlast everything else in your dog’s toy box. If you need ultra-tough, then Goughnuts are simply the best dog toy you can buy.

My biggest complaint with the Goughnuts range isn’t with the product itself but the confusion that can come with buying it online. All their rubber rings look incredibly similar, so make sure you confirm that you are buying the correct size for your pup.


Finding durable toys for aggressive chewers can feel like a daunting task, but with the right selection, you can ensure hours of fun and activity for your pup without frequent replacements. In this article, we’ve explored five top-notch toys that are built to withstand the rigors of intense chewing: Chew King Durable Fetch Balls, Kong Tire Toy, Playology Dual Layer Bone, Grubber Tough Dog Toy, and Goughnuts. Each toy offers unique features, from treat-holding capabilities to engaging scents and flavours, catering to various needs and play styles.

When choosing a suitable toy for your dog, consider the durability and size and the safety and dental health benefits it may provide. Remember, while no toy is indestructible, selecting the right one can significantly prolong its life. Always supervise your dog during playtime to ensure they are safe and not ingesting parts of their toys. With the right toy, your dog can enjoy countless hours of play, improving their mental and physical health and strengthening the bond you share.

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