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5 Best Dog Tug Toys for Power Chewers With Buying Guide

Selecting the right tug toy for your aggressive power chewer can be quite a daunting task, in my opinion. Why? Well, for starters, it is very similar yet very different when choosing any other kind of toy. You’re looking for a sturdy, durable toy that can withstand the powerful clutches of your power chewer jaw but is easy on your hands because, obviously, you’re on the other end holding the toy for them to actually tug at it. The dog could be of literally any breed, size, or age for it to be a power chewer, yet when choosing their toy, all of these factors are to be individually considered in regard to your particular dog. With that said, it is important to remember that each breed is different, so the size and natural instinct your dog has will vary from others, making it crucial to choose the right toy for safe play.

Shepherd dog playing tug with the owner using a rope tug toy

When selecting tug toys for your aggressive chewer, it’s crucial to prioritize strength, durability, and safety. You have to look for toys crafted from tough materials like rubber or heavy-duty nylon, reinforced with sturdy stitching to withstand powerful tugs and bites. Opt for options that engage your dog’s interest, offering versatility for various play styles and activities to keep them entertained. Additionally, consider the toy’s impact on both your dog’s jaw and your hands—choose designs that are gentle on both, ensuring enjoyable play sessions for all. Prioritize toys made from safe, non-toxic materials, and check reviews specifically tailored to power play to gauge durability and performance under pressure. Remember that aggressive chewers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, so select toys designed to withstand vigorous play, regardless of breed or age. By considering these features, you can confidently choose tug toys that provide hours of safe, engaging fun for your furry friend.

  • Material Quality: Opt for tug toys made from durable materials like rubber, heavy-duty nylon, or tightly woven fabric. Avoid toys that can easily fray or tear. Chemical dyes, PVC plastics and low quality fiber is to be steered clear from.
  • Size and Weight: Choose a tug toy that is appropriate for your dog’s size and strength. It should be large enough to avoid swallowing and breaking but not too heavy that it becomes cumbersome. Remember it’s a game of tug.
  • Reinforced Stitching: Look for tug toys with reinforced stitching or extra layers of material at stress points to withstand strong pulling and tugging.
  • Non-Toxic Materials: Ensure the tug toy is made from non-toxic materials, especially if your dog tends to chew on it extensively. Tug toys are not meant to be chewed on, but they spend quite some time in our furry friend’s mouths, which is why you can never be too careful.
  • Texture: Some dogs prefer certain textures over others. Consider your dog’s preferences when selecting a tug toy with smooth, textured, or knobby surfaces. Color, scent and choice of material makes the toy more or less engaging as well adds to the mental stimulation of your pooch.
  • Easy to Clean: Opt for tug toys that are easy to clean to maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of bacteria, because these toys will come in direct contact with you and your dog’s mouth.
  • Safety Features: Avoid toys with small parts or components that can be easily chewed off and swallowed. Look for toys with rounded edges and knots to prevent injury during vigorous play.
  • Versatility: Choose tug toys that can serve multiple purposes, such as tug-of-war, fetch, or solo chewing, to keep your dog entertained and engaged.
  • Brand Reputation: Select tug toys from reputable brands known for producing high-quality, durable dog toys that prioritize safety. They should clearly list the materials being used and should be approved by quality control and health monitoring agencies like the FDA.
  • Supervision: Regardless of the toy’s durability, always supervise your dog during playtime to prevent accidents or injuries. Especially when the toy is designed for interactive play.

KONG Tug Toy

KONG Tug Toy


  • Dimensions: 12.75” in length and 4.5” in height
  • Available in two sizes : (medium and large)
  • Material: Made from all-natural rubber
  • Colors: Red color
  • Special Feature: Recoils (Control Flex), Easy to grip

What I like
  • Designed for interactive play
  • Recoils
  • Durable, available in two sizes
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Easy to grip
What I don’t like
  • It might not appeal to all dogs
  • It may not be as comfortable as other alternatives

The KONG Tug is a durable and engaging toy designed to enhance playtime between you and your furry friend. KONG is a well-reputed brand known for its quality products; this particular toy is made from KONG’s signature natural rubber, and this toy is engineered to endure even the most enthusiastic play sessions, making it a viable option for our power chewers. With its sturdy construction and innovative design, the KONG Tug is an essential addition to any pet’s toy collection, offering hours of interactive fun both indoors and outdoors.

One of the best features about this toy is the material and durability. Is is  constructed from tough but all natural and non-toxic  rubber, the KONG Tug is built to withstand the rigorous tugging and chewing of energetic dogs. Its robust design ensures long-lasting durability, making it ideal for aggressive chewers and intense playtime.

Measuring 12.75 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width, the KONG Tug provides ample space for gripping and tugging. Its generous size accommodates medium-sized dogs comfortably, allowing for a satisfying play experience. Of course, the product is also available in a larger size for bigger breeds and power chewers, but they shred any toy they get their hands on.

My personal favourite feature of the product is the innovative “Control Flex” center prevents the toy from snapping back abruptly during tug-of-war games, enhancing safety for both you and your furry friends. I mean let’s face it no one wants a toy snap back in their pooch’s face or even their own. This feature adds an extra layer of security, minimizing the risk of accidental injuries for you and your pet.

The toy is further equipped with easy-to-grab handles at both ends; the KONG Tug offers a comfortable grip for both dogs and their human counterparts. The ergonomic design ensures a secure hold, facilitating seamless gameplay and promoting bonding, as it is designed for interactive play sessions between pet and owner.

KONG is a wildly popular USA based brand that is  committed to quality and innovation, KONG proudly manufactures all its toys in the USA using globally sourced materials. This ensures superior craftsmanship and reliability, backed by KONG’s Satisfaction Guarantee.

 The use of high-quality rubber material makes the KONG Tug exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding vigorous play without succumbing to wear and tear. It ensures long-lasting fun: designed for interactive games of tug-of-war, this toy provides endless entertainment for dogs and their owners, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation.

However some pet owners among my community suggest that the toy has limited appeal. Some dogs may find the KONG Tug less appealing compared to other tug toys, requiring additional encouragement to engage in play. Individual preferences and temperament can influence the level of interest in the toy, remember each dog is different and their interests as well as preferences may differ from other dogs around them.

However, there are ways to spark their interest in toys: Read here.

Despite its functional design and the grip of the KONG Tug, some users have complained that it may not be as comfortable as other alternatives, potentially causing fatigue or discomfort during extended play sessions.

In conclusion, the KONG Tug emerges as a durable and engaging toy option for dogs who prefer rubber toys. With its resilient construction, innovative features, and commitment to quality, it offers a reliable solution for interactive playtime and bonding moments with your canine companion. While it may not appeal to every dog’s preferences, its durability and safety features make it a worthy investment for pet owners seeking a long-lasting and enjoyable toy option.

LECHONG Tough Rope Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

LECHONG Tough Rope Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers


  • Product Dimensions : 91.44 x 91.44 x 10.16 cm; 742.9 g
  • Size: 3 feet long and 700-gram weight
  • Material: Odorless, natural cotton rope material
  • Colors: White, blue, and black colors
  • Knot options : 4-knot and 5-knot options are available
  • Suitable for : Medium and large dogs
  • Special Feature: Portable and lightweight

What I like
  • Made from natural washable cotton
  • Sturdy design
  • Can withstand aggressive tugging and chewing
  • Designed for interactive play
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
What I don’t like
  • Risk of ingestion of rope fibers
  • Requires supervision

While I normally don’t recommend rope toys, especially if its being used as a chew toy because I fond the associated risks to much to endure. However, I have now found a couple of options that can be used for interactive play of tug with your pooch. One of these options is the LECHONG Dog Toy Rope, specially designed for large and medium-sized dogs who love to chew and play.

Crafted from washable cotton rope, these nearly indestructible toys offer a safe and durable option for satisfying your pet’s natural urge to chew and engage in playtime. With a length of 3 feet and a weight of 700 grams, as well as multiple knots, these extra-large rope toys are sturdier and more durable than many competitors’ offerings, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for your furry friend.

Being made from natural washable cotton ensures that the material is non-toxic and free from chemical dyes; the LECHONG Dog Toys are safe for your pet to chew and play with. The sturdy construction ensures durability, making them ideal for aggressive chewers and extended play sessions. However, I would lay emphasis on the fact that the toy is made of cotton fibers, no matter how indestructible it may be the product requires supervision. Do not leave your dog to chew on the rope without supervision. Playing tug with the rope is all the toy is made for.

A personal favourite fact about the product is that it is backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction, LECHONG offers a guarantee that if your extremely powerful chewer manages to destroy the toy, you can contact them for a replacement or a full refund, ensuring peace of mind for pet owners. Ideal for tug of war and chewing, these rope toys provide entertainment and boredom relief for dogs of all ages. They can also aid in teething for puppies and promote bonding between pets and their owners.

With a sturdy construction and extra-large size, these rope toys are designed to withstand the vigorous chewing and tugging of large and aggressive dogs, offering long-lasting entertainment.

Suitable for various types of play, including tug of war and chewing, these toys offer versatility and engagement for dogs of all sizes and ages.

While marketed as nearly indestructible, extremely powerful chewers may still be able to destroy these toys over time, necessitating supervision during play and timely replacement of damaged items.

As I said earlier, there are associated risks with rope toys. Due to the risk of ingestion of rope fibers, it is recommended to supervise playtime with these toys, especially for dogs who are aggressive chewers, to prevent accidents or injury.

Goughnuts Original and Maxx

Goughnuts Original and Maxx


  • Dimensions: Medium 9 x 5x 1.4” green color , Large 11 x 6 x 1.5” black color
  • Material: Made from rubber
  • Special Feature: Heavy-duty tug toy
  • Special Feature: Has color warning indicator for safety

What I like
  • Built for power chewers
  • Available in different sizes
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • Simple and durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Prioritizes safety
  • Color indicator to know when to discard
What I don’t like
  • Strong rubber smell
  • Has no aesthetic appeal

goughnuts maxx tug toy size chart

Meet your power chewer dog’s match with the Goughnuts Maxx, the ultimate tug-of-war toy designed for aggressive chewers. Engineered for maximum durability by a rubber chemist with 30 years of experience, this sturdy rubber tug toy offers no weak spots that your dog could bite through, ensuring countless games of tug-of-war without the need for frequent replacements. Crafted with safety in mind, the Goughnuts Maxx prevents dogs from chewing off and ingesting pieces that can cause intestinal blockages, keeping both your pet and your hand out of harm’s way during playtime.

Now, because it is made from dense rubber with a simple yet effective design, the Goughnuts Maxx is nearly indestructible, making it ideal for aggressive chewers who love intense games of tug-of-war.

The design itself is such that it prevents dogs from chewing off and ingesting pieces; this tug toy prioritizes safety, minimizing the risk of intestinal blockages and potential harm to your pet.

The toy is, of course, available in various sizes, including a tug toy designed for medium and large-breed dogs. with 1.4” and 1.5” cross sections, ensuring safe and supervised play for dogs of all sizes.

What I love about the company itself is that it is backed by a lifetime warranty, Goughnuts guarantees to replace your purchase if your dog manages to damage the toy, providing peace of mind for pet owners and making your money’s worth.

As I mentioned earlier, the toy is designed by a rubber chemist with extensive experience,which is why the Goughnuts Maxx offers unparalleled durability, standing up to even the most aggressive chewers without compromising on quality.

With a focus on preventing dogs from ingesting harmful pieces, this tug toy prioritizes safety, reducing the risk of intestinal blockages and potential injuries during playtime.

The design is pretty plain Jane but it pretty straightforward,  two solid rubber rings fused together provides a reliable option for intense games of tug-of-war, offering a secure grip for both dogs and their owners.

Now the downside is that some users may find the simple design of the Goughnuts Maxx lacking in aesthetic appeal compared to more elaborate tug toys, but its functionality outweighs any cosmetic concerns. Another problem is the strong pungent rubber smell. Upon initial use, the tug toy may emit a mild rubber smell similar to that of a car tire, which may be off-putting to some users. However, this odor typically fades over time with continued use.

In conclusion, the Goughnuts Maxx stands out as a reliable and durable option for dogs who love to engage in aggressive games of tug-of-war. With its emphasis on safety, simplicity, and lifetime warranty, it offers peace of mind for pet owners seeking a long-lasting and entertaining toy for their furry companions.

Jolly Pets Tree Tugger

Jolly Pets Tree Tugger


  • Size: One size
  • Colors: Green color
  • Special Feature: Attachable ball of choice, Adjustable cord, Nylon cord

What I like
  • Strong adjustable nylon cord
  • Solo play
  • Can be customized
What I don’t like
  • Ball can break and cause a choking hazard

Jolly pets tree tugger set up guide

Jolly Pets Tree Tugger, the ultimate toy for effortless playtime that will tire out even the most energetic dogs without any effort from you. The toy is especiallyd designed for dogs who love fetching and playing tug-of-war, this versatile toy offers the best of both worlds, providing hours of entertainment and exercise, even during the times when you can’t accompany your furry friend in play.

The Tree Tugger features a bouncy bungee cord made of ballistic nylon, capable of withstanding even the strongest dogs yanking on it. This ensures long-lasting durability, allowing for months of daily play without worry. All you have to do is simply toss the Tree Tugger over a tree limb or second-story deck and watch your dog jump, hurl, and tug for hours. The interactive bungee gently tugs back, providing entertaining solo play that simulates a game of tug-of-war.

The included Jolly Jumper toy attaches to the bungee cord, offering a stimulating tug-of-war experience for dogs of all sizes. Additionally, the bungee cord can accommodate any attachable  item, allowing you to customize the toy with your pup’s favorite toys.

The bouncy bungee encourages lots of chasing and exercising, while playing tug-of-war helps your dog relieve stress and engage in interactive play.

While the bungee cord is highly durable, the included ball may not be indestructible when used by itself, although it remains intact when attached to the bungee cord. As with any dog toy, supervision is recommended to ensure safety during play. Parts of the toy can pose a choking hazard if removed, and proper setup of the Tree Tugger is necessary for safe play.

How I use the toy personally, is every time I’m on a walk with my pooch and let’s say I have to use the restrooms, I’ll just hang the toy on anything sturdy near by and make quick little run. My dog remains occupied and I come back shortly.

In conclusion, the Jolly Pets Tree Tugger offers a convenient and entertaining solution for pet owners seeking a toy that provides both mental and physical stimulation for their dogs. With its durable construction, interactive solo play features, and versatile compatibility, it’s sure to become your dog’s new favorite toy for hours of fun and exercise.

Mammoth Flossy Rope Tug Toy

Mammoth Flossy Rope Tug Toy


  • Size: Available in multiple sizes
  • Color: Available in multiple colors
  • Suitable for: Playing tug
  • Material: Made from natural woven cotton
  • Special Feature: Large 4 knot rope recommended for aggressive chewers

What I like
  • Multiple sizes and color options as per your dogs need
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Added dental benefits
  • Can be used as a chew toy
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Dogs can use this to play with each other
What I don’t like
  • Has the risk of ingesting fibers if chewed on for longer periods of time
  • Requires supervision

Mammoth Knotted Rope Dog Toy is another exception I’ll make when it comes to rope toys. A versatile and durable toy  designed to engage your furry friend in hours of interactive fun. Crafted from 100% natural cotton, this woven and knotted rope serves as both a tug toy and a chew, catering to dogs of all sizes and play preferences. Available in five sizes, from “mini” to “extra-large,” each variant boasts a different number of knots, ensuring durability commensurate with its length.

One of the standout features of this rope toy is its ability to promote dental health. As your dog tugs and chews on the toy, the threads work to floss their teeth, providing a bonus benefit alongside the entertainment value. The knots in the rope not only add texture for chewing but also enhance grip for tugging, making it enjoyable for both canine companions and their human playmates.

Mammoth Knotted Rope Dog Toy has proven its mettle as an exceptional tug toy. My dog particularly enjoys the larger size, relishing the opportunity to wrestle, pin down, and engage in prolonged play sessions. However, its appeal isn’t limited to larger breeds, as the toy’s great textures and slight give make it suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Safety is paramount, and this toy delivers peace of mind. Constructed from premium North American Cotton-Poly yarns and secured with sturdy knots, it’s a non-toxic and durable option for your beloved pet. While it can withstand considerable roughhousing, leaving it unattended for shredding sessions may shorten its lifespan,and of course we don’t want our furry friends ingesting fibers, a consideration for pet owners seeking longevity in their toys and their pet’s health.

Whether it’s a game of tug of war during interactive play or a solo chewing session, this toy provides both physical and mental stimulation for your furry friend. Plus, with Mammoth Pet Products’ reputation for innovation and quality since 1995, you can trust that you’re giving your pet the best.

For large dogs weighing between 50-80 pounds, the Large 27-Inch variant is recommended. However, smaller sizes are available for medium and small breed dogs.

In conclusion, selecting the right tug toy for your power chewer involves considering various factors such as material quality, size, safety features, and brand reputation. Here, we’ve highlighted five top picks:

  • KONG Tug Toy: Known for its durability and interactive play design, the KONG Tug offers a safe and engaging option for both dogs and owners. Its natural rubber construction and “Control Flex” center enhance safety during vigorous play sessions.
  • LECHONG Tough Rope Chew Toys: Despite being made of cotton rope, these toys are crafted to withstand aggressive chewing and tugging. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, they offer peace of mind for pet owners.
  • Goughnuts Original and Maxx: Engineered for power chewers, the Goughnuts Maxx boasts a simple yet sturdy design. With a lifetime warranty and safety features like a color warning indicator, it’s a reliable choice for intense play.
  • Jolly Pets Tree Tugger: Designed for solo play, the Tree Tugger provides entertainment and exercise for dogs of all sizes. Its adjustable nylon cord and attachable ball offer versatility and customization options.
  • Mammoth Flossy Rope Tug Toy: Made from natural woven cotton, this rope toy promotes dental health while providing hours of interactive fun. Available in multiple sizes and colors, it caters to dogs of all breeds and preferences.

Remember to always supervise your dog during playtime with tug toys, and replace any damaged or worn-out toys promptly to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Another vital fact to remember is that chew toys are designed differently then tug toys. Which is why you should use the toy for the purpose it is designed for to avoid any harm to your pooch.

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Can I leave my dog alone with tug toys?

No, tug toys are designed for interactive play and should always be supervised to prevent accidents or injuries.

Are rope toys safe for aggressive chewers?

While some rope toys are designed to withstand aggressive chewing, they can pose a risk of ingestion if fibers are torn off. Supervision is recommended.

How do I choose the right size tug toy for my dog?

Select a tug toy that is appropriate for your dog’s size and strength. It should be large enough to avoid swallowing but not too heavy to handle comfortably during play.

Are tug toys suitable for all breeds?

Tug toys can be enjoyed by dogs of all breeds, but it’s essential to choose toys specifically designed for aggressive chewers to ensure durability and safety.

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