Best Chew Bones For Puppies

7 Best Chew Bones For Puppies UK: Safe & Satisfying

Is your energetic puppy making your furniture into a table full of goodies to chew on? Do you dream of silence, peace, and a perfectly undamaged couch? The secret is in the power of a carefully selected chew bone! However, it can be difficult to choose the best solution when so many possibilities are available. Do not be afraid, fellow puppy owner! We’re here to help you navigate the fascinating world of chew bones and find the ideal fit to keep your pet content, healthy, and off the furniture! Prepare to discover the best chew bones for puppies with my short-listed products.

We can easily categorize the Puppy’s bones into edible, non-edible but chewable, and dental chews, which can also counted as bones for better teeth, good mouth smell, healthy gums, and keeping puppies engaged in fun biting.

Best non-edible chew bones for puppies

  1. Nylabon Puppy starter pack
  2. Kong Goodie bone

Best edible chew bones for puppies

  1. N-bone Puppy teething ring
  2. Himalayan Yak dog chew bones
  3. Smartbone Chicken Mini pieces
  4. Nylabon edible Puppy chew bones

Best Dental chews for puppies

  1. Whimzees’ dental chew bones
a black and white puppy chewing on a chew bone toy

Ratings: 5/5

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for both puppies and their owners alike. This kit comes packed with three dental dog chew bones, each serving a unique purpose in nurturing your Puppy’s dental health and chewing needs.

The Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit is specifically designed for young pups just beginning their journey into the world of chewing. The kit includes three chew bones: a soft, chicken-flavored bone for gentle teething relief, a textured bone with bristles to clean teeth and massage gums, and a bacon-flavored bone for more aggressive chewers.

Features to know:

  • Three chew bones designed for varying puppy life stages.
  • Crafted from durable nylon material that resists forceful chewing.
  • Intended to lessen the accumulation of plaque and tartar to improve oral health.
  • Best for small puppies up to 11 kg, with no adult teeth.
  • The full pack is 1g, which also becomes lightweight for smaller puppies.

Best for:

  • Puppies experiencing teething discomfort.
  • Pet owners are looking to instill good dental habits at an early age.
  • Those seeking durable chew toys that provide mental stimulation and prevent destructive chewing behaviors.
chew bone toy

What I like?
  • Tailored to different stages of puppyhood, accommodating various chewing needs.
  • Made from durable nylon material that lasts through countless chewing sessions.
  • Promotes dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Different flavours encourage puppies to chew, making dental care enjoyable.
  • Textured surfaces provide satisfying chewing experiences and soothe teething discomfort.
  • These chew bones keep my puppy playing with them for several hours.
What I dislike?
  • Some puppies may wait to be drawn to the flavours.
  • It is not suitable for aggressive chewers who may chew off large chunks. The plastic comes off within 5 minutes.


  • Always supervise your Puppy while they chew on the bones to prevent choking or ingesting large pieces.
  • Replace the bones when worn or damaged to maintain safety and effectiveness.

Thanks to its durable construction, mouthwatering flavours, and custom design, this kit has all the ingredients your Puppy needs to flourish during these critical stages. So, if you want to buy view here:

Dog chewing on bone chew  toy

Ratings: 5/5

Kong Goodie Bone is revolutionary in the world of canine enrichment and enjoyment. This little red toy is a powerful combination of durability, adaptability, and sheer fun for dogs of all sizes.

Because it is made of sturdy, natural rubber, the KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy is ideal for engaging in interactive play and chewing for hours. Because of its distinctive design, which includes trademarked Goodie GrippersTM on both ends, pet parents can fill the toy with treats or KONG Snacks to enhance stimulation and encourage reward-based play.

I have been trying this for the last 5 years and am satisfied. Here is my honest review of that product.


  • Perfect for games of fetch, solo play, or as a comforting chew toy during quiet moments.
  • Available in a vibrant red color, making it easy to spot during indoor or outdoor play sessions.
  • Suitable for puppies of 20lb or 9 kg who are active and love interactive plays.
  • It is available in multiple colours for different stages like red, black, or pink.
  • Washing and sanitizing is easy; just dip it in soap water and rinse it with water.
  • This item weighed 22.7g, which your small Puppy will love.
What I like
  • Even for the most ardent chewers, exceptional durability guarantees long-lasting pleasure.
  • You can customize your play by stuffing Goodie Grippers with Kong Snacks. (I fill one end with a dental chew, and the other end cram little treats in it)
  • The textured surface cleans their teeth and gums as puppy eat, promoting dental health.
  • Bright red color enhances visual attractiveness and facilitates finding during playtime.
What I dislike
  • Charlie gets enthusiastic while trying to extract the treats, and kibble sometimes goes flying and creates a mess in the house.
  • Some puppy may lose interest if the toy is not stuffed with treats or snacks.
  • It is not recommended for aggressive chewers who may damage the toy’s surface.


  • Remove the Goodie Bone from your pup reach if it becomes damaged or if pieces start to break off to prevent ingestion.
  • Clean the toy regularly to maintain hygiene and remove leftover treats or debris.

If you’re looking for a chew toy that doubles as a treat dispenser and mental challenge for your playful pup, the KONG Goodie Bone is worth a try.

a brown dog laying on top of a bed chewing bone toy

Ratings: 4.9/5

Made from a traditional Himalayan recipe using yak milk, this chew offers a taste of the exotic and numerous benefits for your canine companion.

Following traditional Himalayan methods, the Himalayan Yak Dog Chew is crafted from 100% natural ingredients, including yak milk, salt, and lime juice. It is free from artificial additives, preservatives, and chemicals, ensuring a safe and healthy chewing experience for your Furry friend. Each chew is handcrafted and smoked to perfection, resulting in a long-lasting and highly satisfying treat.

Best Features:

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients, including yak milk from the Himalayan region.
  • Handcrafted and smoked to perfection to enhance flavour and durability. It also has other flavours like strawberry, mint, honey, coconut, coffee, and flaxseed chew, giving Little dog a lot of variety.
  • Provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for Doggy through prolonged chewing.
  • Rich in protein and calcium, promoting strong muscles and healthy bones.
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages, from teething puppies to seniors.
What I like
  • Himalayan Yak sticks are of amazing quality, thick, and don’t splinter easily.
  • Fast delivery for both orders with immediate confirmations and tracking info is good to have when needed.
  • It is best to have no mess at home.
  • The Yak sticks are durable, so you can benefit from long periods of teething in Canine youngster.
  • 100% natural ingredients with 100% Yak milk.
  • It is GMO and gluten-free.
What I dislike
  • Some puppy may consume the chew too quickly, leading to potential choking hazards.
  • It is not recommended for Pooch with lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivities.

More to Know:

  • The Himalayan Yak Dog Chew softens as your dog chews on it, creating small, digestible pieces that are safe to swallow.
  • When the chew becomes small enough to swallow or poses a choking hazard, remove it from your Tail-wagger reach and replace it with a new one.
  • If your puppy leaves many pieces of Yak, put all ends in the microwave for 45 seconds until the bones puff up and then serve it to Pooch after cooling it – Now watch how much your dog likes the crunchy texture.

This chew is an indispensable addition to any pup snack collection because of its all-natural components, remarkable durability, and distinctive flavour profile. Give your pet the unique flavour of the Himalayas, and observe their cheerful expression with each chew.

a man sitting on a couch feeding a dog

Ratings: 4.8/5

The N-Bone Teething Rings in Chicken Flavour are made especially for young puppies undergoing teething. These rings offer a calming and fulfilling chewing experience because they are made with natural ingredients and wonderful chicken flavour. Puppies still learning to chew will find them perfect because of their distinctive ring form, which makes them easy to hold and chew.

Good Features:

  1. Constructed using only natural ingredients, such as chicken and wheat gluten, to guarantee a secure and nutritious treat for pups.
  2. Puppies are encouraged to chew because chicken flavor soothes sore gums and encourages good chewing habits.
  3. Chewing from various angles is encouraged by the unique ring design, which also helps to massage the gums and clean teeth.
  4. During the teething period, a textured surface helps to reduce inflammation and offers extra stimulus.
  5. Because they are devoid of artificial flavours, colors, and preservatives, they are a healthy and nutrient-dense option for your Puppy.

Note down this thing.

  • These rings are intended for teething puppies and might not be suitable for older dogs with stronger chewing needs.
  • The N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings Chicken Flavour is suitable for puppies up to 15 pounds.
What I like
  • These rings come in two flavours; Chicken, Salmon, Peanut butter, BBQ, Blueberry & Pumpkin. Choose which your puppy likes.
  • It is the best product for dental, brain, and teething.
  • Enhanced with DHA and good fats to support optimal skin health, a bright coat, and a healthy brain.
  • Free of rubber, nylon, or plastic, and especially made with calcium to promote the healthiest possible condition of the teeth and bones.
What I never like
  • It is a very expensive product.
  • As the chew stick melts into the dog’s mouth, it creates a mess, and he gets all over his paws and dries up like Play-Doh.
  • They last no longer.
  • It can cause blockage in the throat by quickly dissolving in puppies’ mouths.

The N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings Chicken Flavour is a must-have for any pet parent navigating the challenges of Puppy teething. So have these wonderful chew soft bone-type chews from:

a brown dog laying on top of a white bed chewing bone toy

Ratings: 4.7/5

Nylabon is a USA brand working in the UK and is also increasing in fame among dog owners. This brand says that puppies should satisfy their chewing habits and get some treats and healthy vitamins and minerals in the form of meat and vegetable extracts. Therefore, they introduced these edible treats that all the dogs (mine also) favour best.


  • Healthy, edible bones are meant for all age levels, but my preferred selected Nylabone Edible regular bacon treat is for small puppies up to 15lb.
  • Completely natural and devoid of artificial coloring, flavouring, and preservatives.
  • These bones contain chicken, bacon, and roast beef flavour with veggies & vitamins that all Fluffy companion love to chew.
  • Chew treat dimensions are 3.81″ long x 1.06 ” wide x 0.63″ high
  • All the nutrition gets saved if you keep bones only for one month after opening the cover.
What I like
  • Highly digestible chew bones with no added sugar and salt.
  • The bones never cause any allergies as they are rawhide-free.
  • Pepper, a picky eater, surprised me by loving all three flavours! The variety kept her engaged and prevented boredom during chew time.
  • Sweat potatoes, peas, beef, chicken, and bacon extract make the bones highly natural.
  • The soft texture of the treats soothes Puppies’ gums during teething, providing some chewy relief.
What I do not prefer
  • The bones crumbled as Pepper chewed on them, leaving little parts everywhere.
  • The quantity they provide is less than the price they charged.
  • This is not for fierce munchers.

More from Nylabone:

The Nylabone edible chew bones that the company offers rather than bacon, chicken, & roasted beef are Chicken chew treats, peanut butter, turkey and apple, broth bone, lamb and apple, and turkey & sweet potato chew treats. If one pup is allergic to certain protein, he can have other flavours.

These treats could be a good option for teething puppies who are mild chewers and a bit bigger than a petite pup. But a different size or chew type might better fit super tiny chewers.

View the product on Amazon:

a person holding a bag of smartbones

Ratings: 4.6/5

Rawhide is a chew made from the inner layer of cow or horse hides. It is often used as a traditional dog chew, and most vets regret feeding puppies because it can cause blockage or severe stomach upset. So, the Smartbone chicken rawhide-free mini bones for puppies are designed with real chicken and full-nutrient veggies that puppies love to eat.


  • The company gives feeding guidelines, even for pet parents who never know the proportion, of 1-2 pieces daily.
  • A supplementary food, incomplete.
  • This product is for active puppies up to 10-12 pounds.
  • The one 384g pack contains 24 mini bones.
Pros of this product for puppies
  • It can be easily digested.
  • No rawhide means no worries.
  • Chewing mini (not so hard) bones will strengthen puppies’ teeth and gum.
  • SmartBones Mini chews come in various flavors, like chicken, peanut butter, and bacon, which can keep puppies interested.
  • These treats will make them busy in mind-storming activities.
  • It is a very expensive product. You have to pay 11 for one bag (that sounds strange)
  • Ensure the Mini size is appropriate for your Puppy’s mouth; if the bones are less than his mouth, it can be a choking hazard.

SmartBones Mini Dog Chews are a fantastic rawhide-free option for puppies and small-breed dogs, offering a safe, nutritious, and enjoyable chewing experience. Treat your furry friend to the satisfaction and delight of SmartBones Mini Dog Chews, and watch as they thrive with every chew! View this:

a small dog with a shirt on laying on a bed

studies show that 80-90% of dogs over the age of 3 have gum disease, so Whimzees come into the market with solutions to dental issues. All of their dog dental treats in bones or stick shapes are Vet-approved.

Features of Whimzee puppies chew sticks for extra-small:

  • This product has 56 pieces in the bag for extra small puppies of 2-7kg.
  • It is based on a vegetarian diet.
  • The sticks are rawhide-free.
  • The product weighed 420g.
What I like
  • WHIMZEES® Puppy Dental Dog Treats help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, promoting better dental health for your Puppy.
  • Specially crafted for puppies, these treats are softer than adult WHIMZEES® Stix, making them gentle on developing teeth and gums.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, these treats provide a wholesome snack option for your Puppy without artificial additives.
  • Ideal for sensitive puppies as these treats are grain-free and gluten-free.
  • Available in two shapes and sizes, these treats cater to your Puppy’s preferences and needs, providing options for a rewarding chewing experience tailored to their size and taste.
  • The high calcium content makes these bones beneficial for puppies’ bones and joints.
  • The more grooves on the stick help swiping all the tarter on Puppy’s teeth.
What I dislike
  • These dental chew bones never suit any puppy, so they will give him diarrhoea.
  • They are less softer than Pedigree Dentasticks.

Think more about:

a white dog sitting on a wooden floor next to a package of whizz

  • Never exceed giving more than one treat a day to puppies.
  • Never give these dental chew bone treats to puppies under 3 months or under 5lb.
  • Remember to hydrate your Puppy with fresh water.
  • Never relinquish your Puppy when he’s having any chews or bones.
  • Never keep these sticks in a moist place.

My final words about Whimzees Dental Chews are that these vegetable-based chews are made with natural ingredients like potato starch, vegetable glycerin, and other natural flavors. They come in various fun shapes (like crocodiles and alligators) and sizes to suit different dog breeds.

When selecting chew bones for puppies, it’s crucial to consider factors such as safety, durability, size, material, and your Puppy’s needs. Here’s a buying guide to help you choose the right chew bones for your furry friend.

Puppies age:

For pups just beginning to teethe, use textured, soft chew toys manufactured of nylon or non-toxic rubber. These offer a secure way to chew while also relieving sore gums.

For moderate chewers (6 months to a year), consider giving somewhat tougher nylon or rubber chew bones in various forms and textures.

Puppies that are aggressive chewers (those older than one year) use particularly hard nylon bones, compressed natural chews, or antlers to endure their strong chewing power.


When selecting chew bones, safety should come first. Seek for items devoid of chemicals or dangerous compounds and expressly marked as safe for puppies. Steer clear of bones with tiny bits that could splinter easily and cause a choking hazard.

Size Matters:

A chew bone that’s too small can be a choking hazard, while one that’s too big might be difficult for your Puppy to manage. Choose a bone that’s appropriate for your pup’s size and breed.


Puppies have strong chewing instincts, especially during teething, so opt for durable chew bones that can withstand heavy chewing. Look for materials like nylon or rubber that are designed to be long-lasting.


Non-Edible Chew Bones: Made from durable nylon or rubber, these provide long-lasting entertainment and help clean teeth. However, they’re not meant to be completely eaten. Edible Chew Bones: Made from natural ingredients like compressed rawhide or bully sticks, these satisfy chewing urges and are fully digestible. However, they might not last as long, and some dogs have digestive sensitivities.


Determine the purpose of the chew bone. Some bones are designed for teething puppies to help soothe their gums, while others are meant for dental health or simply as a source of entertainment. Choose a chew bone that aligns with your Puppy’s needs and preferences.

What are the best chew bones for teething puppies?

Chew bones designed for teething puppies can soothe their gums and satisfy their chewing instincts. Look for durable, textured options made from safe materials. Nylabone is the best-ever company with a wide range of chew bones and products for teething puppies.

Are edible bones safe for puppies?

Puppy-safe edible bones can be found in bully sticks and natural chews, provided they are composed of high-quality materials and the right size. Whenever your Puppy is chewing, keep an eye on them.

Are there chew bones for puppies with allergies?

Yes, there are hypoallergenic chew bone options available for puppies with allergies. Nylabone chew toys, West Paw Zogoflex Hurley, and puppies Kongs are free from latex, BPA, and Phthalates, making them a good option for puppies with allergies to these common irritants. Choose ones labeled “allergy-friendly” if available.

How do I introduce chew bones to my Puppy?

Introduce chew bones gradually to prevent overwhelming your Puppy. Offer the bone during supervised playtime and encourage them to chew with positive reinforcement.

Can puppies chew on bones if they have loose teeth?

It’s generally best to avoid hard chew bones if your Puppy has loose teeth. Opt for softer chew options like Greenies puppy chew and Whimzees chews, or consult your Vet for recommendations.

When should I replace a chew bone?

Replace your chew bones in the following conditions:

  • Visible Damage: Cracks, splinters, or sharp edges.
  • Significant Size Reduction: The bone will naturally shrink as your Puppy chews. Replace it once it becomes too small for them to comfortably hold or chew on.
  • Material Breakdown: Replace them if they become overly soft or worn, as they might need to be more satisfying for chewing.

In conclusion, a puppy’s dental health and general well-being greatly depend on the choice of chew bones. Choose alternatives that meet your Puppy’s chewing demands and preferences while remaining sturdy and safe. These chew bones can be pleasurable and good for your pet’s growth if you choose high-quality options and supervise your pet properly. So, choose wisely.

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