Why Dogs Bring Toys The Surprising Truth 1 Stop Guessing! 8 Reasons Your Dog Brings You Toys

Stop Guessing! 8 Reasons Your Dog Brings You Toys

Dogs are playful little creatures by nature, and that’s what makes them unique. They have distinct characteristics that shape their behavior, which helps them communicate and often leave their owners in a frenzy of “what just happened?”. If you need help understanding why your dog brings you toys and then runs away or why he brings toys to your bed, I’m here to help decipher.

golden retriever puppy carrying his soft toy in mouth

If your dog is constantly bringing you his toys, it’s their way of saying that they love you, trust you,, and ask for your affection. Other than these gestures, they might be trying to comfort you, maybe bring you a little gift or because it’s their way of letting you know that they are happy to see you.

Wondering, “Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Toys?” Here’s Why

1- They are greeting you

You may have been away at work all day or maybe attending to other commitments; your pooch has been waiting eagerly for you to get back. When you’re back, they simply can not contain how happy they are to see you, so they come running at you with their favourite toy in their mouth to greet you.

2- Expressing their affection

Dogs are emotional creatures; they have certain gestures that help them demonstrate their feelings. In their eyes, you’re a part of their pack, meaning they see you as an alpha family member and look up to you. Therefore, they give you your most prized possession, which is their toy. This helps them strengthen their bond with you and develop a sense of trust.

Another possibility I’ve often experienced first-hand is that the dog notices you are upset and is trying to cheer you up. Dogs are empathetic creatures and tend to notice when their human is upset or struggling. Therefore, they bring you what makes them happy. They feel that the object that makes them so happy will have the same effect on you. 

dog bring his toy to owner and wants to play

3- They are asking for your attention.

Our furry friends demand attention just as much as a human child would. They see you as their playmate and will bring you toys so that you can play with them. Tugging and playing fetch is their idea of a good time. If you have a dog leaving toys on your bed, play with them!

4- Symbol of trust

The dog may bring you their favourite toy as a gift-giving gesture because they trust you. Dogs are territorial, and sharing is not their best pursuit; however they can be taught how to share their toys.  Even though they are not very keen about material things, they still consider toys their prized possessions and will share them with their human. They want you to know that they trust you and that they feel secure and comfortable in your presence.

Some dog trainers believe that, since dogs are usually members of a pack, they will consider their human to be the pack’s leader. This implies they see you as an alpha, so showing off their toys or bringing them to you is a gesture to please or show respect to the alpha of the family, which is you.

5- Imitating hunting behavior

Some specific breeds, such as German Shepard and Pit bull Terriers, have hunting tendencies. Therefore, it is only average for them to pretend their toy is a make-believe prey they hunted down. So what happens is that they bring you their make-believe prey and then playfully run to have you chase them, or they could be guarding it momentarily to see if you’re committed to playing with them.

a dog sitting on a rug in a living room

6- Seeking comfort

Your dog is likely seeking comfort by surrounding himself with familiar objects and your presence. Your dog may frequently exhibit this behaviour if he’s experiencing stress or separation anxiety. If you’ve been consistently waking up to dog toys on your bed with your pup lying next to you, this might be the problem, and you should address it quickly.

7- Retrieval instincts

Certain dog breeds have strong retrieval instincts, so they love carrying objects around their mouth. The trait is common in hunting dogs bred to bring back the prize for their hunters. Bringing you toys could be a similar expression of their innate behaviour.

8- Training and Reinforcement characteristic

Training your dog to bring you objects is a common practice which they associate with rewards. If you have taught your dog to bring things to you whilst training them and rewarding the behaviour with treats and encouraging comments, they will likely repeat the behaviour for similar outcomes. Your dog has learned that this behaviour is rewarded. Thus, they continue to do it to receive those positive outcomes.

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